How to Fix Belly Fats Quickly?

Either you want it or not- but your tummy acts as a perfect host for all the unwanted body fats around.

Interestingly, this storage can be either visible to your eyes or not.

how to lose belly fat

If the body stores fat right underneath the skin, it appears flabby.

This is the fat easily noticeable to you and is known as subcutaneous fats.

Belly Fat and How to Lose It?

In another situation, the body begins to accumulate fats in the region of critical organs, which are known as the visceral fats.

Apparently, we seem to be too worried about the subcutaneous fats that seem to affect our beauty and make us appear bulky.

But much to our knowledge, it’s the latter that actually puts our health at risk and leads to some irreversible problems like cancer, hypertension and diabetes in the long run.

Hence, regardless of its kind, an excess of any fats is troublesome for us and hence, worth every possible measure it takes to address it at the earliest.

Now there are quite a few ways that are known and proven for lowering the levels of subcutaneous and visceral fats simultaneously.

These are some quick solutions that not only allow your body to bring down its fats level but also, stick to a normal level for long.

What are these fixes, let’s have a quick look:

1) Mix resistance and aerobic exercises

According to a professional researcher, Cris Slentz, brisk aerobic exercises can help you go a long way in diminishing an abundance of your entire body fats.

Now this could be all the ones you are concerned about including the abdominal fats and visceral fats.

In fact, the researcher stressed the significance of aerobic far more than he emphasized resistance training for fats.

Now this is pretty apparent by an investigation conducted for a period of 8 months, some time ago.

The investigation that included both the genders split its sample into three halves.

Each of the units was instructed with different commands.


Unit One:

Walk/Jog for approximately 19km (12 miles) in seven days using an inclined treadmill.

Unit two:

Three sets of 8-12 reps thrice in seven days, using weight training machines.

Unit three:

A mix of trainings assigned to unit 1 and unit 2.

The results of the three groups came very positive whereas the most convincing ones was that of group 1.

Results of Unit 1:

It was noticed that the participants shed a great amount of their visceral fats.

Results of Unit 2:

Participants did not experience any significant reduction in their abdominal fats.

Though, there was a reduction in their overall subcutaneous fat.

However, apart from the slight changes they noticed by the end of the period, it is essential to note that they did add a little amount of visceral fats.

Results of Unit 3:

The members that followed the mix of trainings performed by one and two shed noticeable stomach fat, however, the results were not the same with visceral fats.


If an expert is to believe, aerobic trainings can handle abdominal fats way more efficiently than any other training does.

It is because the said training is more potent in incinerating a higher degree of calories than weight training at all.

This depicts that extreme circuit training does not yield you as much as impressive results as a mere hour of running does.

If we talk about the figures, you can lose some 250 calories with the former; while running can help you get over with as much as 750 per hour.

Now that is impressive!

You know what’s more impressive?

Mixing the two!

As after all, resistance may not be very fruitful for the belly fats, but is helpful for the subcutaneous fats.

Besides, it offers a plethora of health benefits with none of us can ever deny.

So, would there by anything more powerful than such a deadly combination like this?

Of course, no!

2) Resort to natural fat burners

There is no harm in getting a little help if things are not settling right for you.

You can always consider natural fat burners that restart your system or provide it that needed speed.

Some good ones to consider in this connection are:

Green Tea:

Who isn’t familiar with the effects of Green tea?

And specially, its fat burning powers?

In fact, this particular substance is actually helpful for the abdominal fats.

This is at least, what the research says.

Investigations on green tea have time and again proven that it encourages fat metabolism.

Though, some experts credit catechins for its potentials as a fat burner.


Caffeine is one of the most studied substances owing to the belief experts have in it.

And right on point, it proved to activate thermogenesis, a system that elevates the body temperature.

A rise in which allows the fats to burn.

The positivity surrounding caffeine for people in need of a good fat loss support took its usage to whole new level.

Particularly its usage in the weight loss supplements.

If you want to give these two natural fat burners a try, get yourself Phen24.


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