Why is Leucine Important For You

When we read and investigate more about the effects BCAA, we get to learn that the most imperative component of branched-chain amino acid is Leucine.

health benefits of Leucine

No wonder, the other two, valine and isoleucine hold the ability to produce a number of benefits too, but when it comes to Leucine, none of the two bear the significance and worth Leucine is related to.

The hydrophobic amino acid, Leucine can be derived through two key sources:

  • Diet
  • BCCA supplements

The dietary route is generally taken by people who have no specific targets pertaining to their fitness and body.

For them, foods like cheese and chicken serve as the healthy source of it.

But when we talk about the supplements, the route is majorly taken by people that are very much into the fitness or are up with some certain kind of bodybuilding goals.

Health Benefits of Leucine

Precisely, BCCA supplements provide them the edge they need to make it to their goals with utmost ease and efficiency.

The good thing about Leucine is that it has the tendency to oxidize or breakdown at a very speedy pace.

This makes it a highly preferable choice for those who undergo stressful trainings and call for things that can help them instantly, without any delay.

Now to better understand the role of Leucine, we need to detail the effects it creates when it enters the body:

1) Boost protein synthesis

Your entire muscle building and growth is reliant upon this very process called, protein synthesis.

What happens is that when your body encounters extreme stress during the trainings, it becomes less capable of making muscle protein.

On the other hand, it becomes more capable of breaking down protein, which makes the body somewhat scarce in protein right after you leave the gym.

In a situation like this- Leucine serves no less like a savior to avoid this complication in the very first place.

It has a synergistic connection with insulin- the positive association of both encourages a reasonable boost in protein synthesis.

With the boost in protein synthesis, good can be assured because the process is known for its contribution in a plethora of positive changes in the body including size enhancement.

2) Muscle Growth

We have already stressed the importance of protein synthesis for the growth and building up of muscles.

An increase in which puts your body in a better position to enlarge, far beyond your natural tendencies.

However, this merely occurs when you are able to synthesize more protein than breaking down which is likely to happen when your body receives the constant and healthy supply of Leucine.

No wonder, balancing the two is important for this is where your entire muscle building results stand.

3) Fat Burning

It is interesting to learn that Leucine plays a part in controlling the accumulation of body fat too.

Health experts believe that a diet high in amino acid helps in keeping the excess weight at bay.

Particularly if we talk about Leucine, it has been revealed that Leucine could influence some metabolic processes of our body which makes it good enough to discourage the hoarding of fats.

If this is true, we can assume it to act as a very powerful weight loss support for people standing against their unhealthy weight.

4) Higher Strength

Survival in the gym is just not possible without gaining adequate strength- isn’t it?

Well, things can be taken in control with the use of Leucine again.

Investigations reveal that the amino acid can help you gain 40% more of strength than you can gain through your biological abilities.

This definitely makes Leucine a comprehensive bodybuilding staple.

5) Prevent muscle wasting

It isn’t strange to lose your muscles when your efforts are actually meant for fats.

This is in fact, a problem that is more likely to hit you the more you work to bring your fat levels down.

But since Leucine has been discovered to forestall muscle breakdown, experts couldn’t stop but believing it does prevent muscle wasting.

Of course, with an advantage like this, one can get a complete hold over his caloric intake, without fearing to sacrifice his muscles against.


Leucine is no ordinary amino acid you can overlook the significance of.

It is important and you need to have a good stock of it to survive and gain the maximum out of your efforts.

Simplify the complexities and consider having a Leucine supplement.

Or you can also go for the one based on branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) so that your body gets the needed concentration of leucine along with other amino acids your body further needs.

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